Paying Tourists

Paying Tourists

Trail riders come to the Peak District as paying tourists. They require, hotels, guest houses, restaurants and filling stations. A typical rider staying for the weekend might spend around £300. Indeed it is a fact trail riding is the main source of income in some Welsh villages. Without which the local people would have no jobs. As business owners ourselves we would like to bring this much needed finance to the area.

Signs like this are costing jobs and £ millions in lost tourism each year.




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Illegal Riding.

One thing all legitimate groups of countryside users agree on is the unacceptable illegal use of motorcycles on non-motorised routes such as bridleways and footpaths. The APTR only promotes responsible, legitimate and legal use of trail riding.

Motorcycle use is on the increase. Legal places to ride motorcycles are on the decrease. With the continued closure of the legal routes It is inevitable that illegal motorcycling is on the increase. The authorities have reduced the amount of lanes to such a degree that some riders opt to take the risk and ride where they like. Perhaps the authorities expect riders to give up riding or leave their very expensive motorcycle in the garage to rust? We doubt it.

This is an unfortunate side effect of closing legitimate routes without consideration for the need to provide an infrastructure for motorcycle use. Without some provision being made we can only predict that illegal riding will continue to increase.

Our message to those who oppose legal motorcycle trail riding and to the authorities regarding illegal riding is this. If you want to make bridleways and footpaths at risk of illegal careless riding you are going about it the right way. Sufficient provision for legitimate riding is the only way to control the issue of illegal riding. We think simply closing the existing routes and walking away from the responsibility to provide such provision is not the way forward and cannot possibly work as a solution.