Q. What is Motorcycle Trail riding ?

A= Motorcycle trail riding is fully legal method, or preference to get around and enjoy the countryside. We use certain lanes known as unsurfaced roads, Byway open to all traffic (BOATS) or unclassified roads (UCRs). Similar to horse trail riding or Mountain biking, the obvious difference being that we ride motorcycles. Our bikes must be taxed, insured and road legal. We should NOT be confused with unlawful off road riding nor should we be confused with enduro riding or moto cross. The bikes may look alike, however trail riding is NOT a race and NOT competitive.

Q. Why do you do it ?

A= We do it for pretty much the same reasons that people walk, horse ride or cycle on country lanes. It is a way of meeting people and enjoying the countryside. Motorcycle trail riding is also proven to be have great general health benefits. It reduces blood pressure and because it can be very physically demanding. it's a great work out which keeps riders fit and healthy. If you thought cycle mountain biking is hard, try motorcycle trail riding. Don't let the engine fool you. It's a real work out !

Q. Why don't you just go and ride on private land, on a track for example?

A= There are laws that restrict the amount of days such events can take place. Other reasons include that some riders don't want to race around a track all day. They desire a natural, relaxed and non competitive variation in the same way a walker wouldn't nesserserary wish to enter a marathon or repeatedly walk around the same field.

If you have a reasonable and constructive question that you would like us to try and answer please e-mail us and we'll do our best to help.