Jacobs Ladder Stoney Middleton Closed.

As many riders will know, Jacobs Ladder which can be found in the Nook of Stoney Middleton near to St Martin’s Church has been closed now by TRO for a few years.

The APTR objected to this closure and continue to be frustrated that such a historic Byway has had this kind of vehicle restriction placed upon it. It would appear local people decided they didn’t like vehicles passing their area despite the route having been used by motorcycles since records begun. Imagine what would happen if everyone in the country acquired a house and subsequently decided they didn’t like traffic passing their house? This group alone has a member who is 90 years old and can remember riding this route as a young man. It’s history of vehicle access even extends further than his recollection.

‘Riders, have continued to use the bottom of Jacobs ladder to take photos on a Facebook group simply called ‘Motorcycle Pictures in Stoney Middleton’. The group ride to the bottom of the route on the legal tarmac road to take photos of their bikes and ride back the way they came. The reason for this seems to be an ongoing protest to the TRO as well as keeping up the motorcycle cultural heritage associated with this area. The TRO therefore has had no effect on vehicle use. It could also be argued that it has increased vehicle use since the riders now ride the the bottom of the route. Instead of continuing along Jacobs Ladder they go back through the Nook the way they came therefore doubling the use of the Nook. To find the Nook you can use the what 3 words app: critic.shared.motored.