TRF Update

The TRF have worked closely with APTR since APTR’s inception.   The founders of APTR, Andrew Richardson and Boyd Emmerich are long term TRF members and supporters and the TRF are pleased to promote the APTR message.

You can see how the TRF support Boyd and Andrew’s work here

Who are the TRF?

Founded in 1970, the TRF are the only national organisation specifically looking after the interests of trail riders.   We are recognised by the authorities including local councils, Park authorities, Police, and even Parliament where we were recently asked to provide evidence to the House of Lords over countryside access.

The TRF exists to Conserve Green Roads in England and Wales. This is a multi-faceted approach and one that our 5,200 members are passionate about.

We believe that every single trail rider can play their part in this every time they are out on their bike. It stems from attitudes, behaviours and actions right through to repair work and partnerships with authorities.

We operate though 40 groups, with at least 5 groups in the Peak District area.

TRF Code of Conduct

The TRF code of conduct is widely promoted by many police forces including South Yorks Police, as best practice for trail riders. Whilst out on your bike you will come into contact with a whole range of other countryside users, walkers, cyclists, horse riders, farmers, countryside residents.

Everyone that enjoys our natural landscape has a responsibility to make sure that they are respectful to the land and other users. In the case of trail riding, all TRF members agree to abide by and promote our code of conduct.

You can find out more about our code of conduct here

TRF Conservation works

Our stories offer an insight into recent conservation work. The TRF also run a conservation match funding programme that is designed to increase the impact that local groups and members can make with their grass roots initiatives.