Brian Turns 90.

Brian is our oldest member. He turned 90 years old in 2022. He’s an unstoppable veteran rider who occasionally rides his vintage bikes even to this day. He may even wander down the occasional trail to remind himself of the long years he has enjoyed the countryside and motorcycle riding as a whole.

Brian is pictured in the feed with Steve and Andrew his sons, on Leys lane before it was closed by PDNPA. His sons continue to ride the trails, although, not with the amount of legal routes that Brian once enjoyed.

For some people such as Brian, the only way to visit certain area’s of the Peak district is by motorcycle. He admits, the days of walking long distances or cycling are behind him. He has expressed his disappointment in not being able to visit area’s anymore due to so many routes that have since been closed by the authorities.

Up until the closure of Long Causeway (Stanage edge) to motor vehicles he had a ritual with Steve and Andrew. He would stop and all three would stand around and hold the weather pole. He said he would always do this as a prayer to give thanks for his continued physical ability to get there on a motorbike. Sadly, this route is now subject to a TRO forbidding motor vehicles by PDNPA.

Keep riding Brian !

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Brian at the British Bike Museum recently. Like a true biker, he stuffed his dinner up his jumper instead of carrying it around in his hands !